You Can Now Get Rosé On-Demand

Rosé on-demand. Need I say more.

If you’re fortunate enough to attend the Cannes Lions creative festival next week (June 22-25th) in France, and a fan of rosé — and honestly, who isn’t these days — you can order a complimentary glass on-demand. How, you ask?

Intergalatic, an award-winning digital agency, created an app powered by Urban Airship’s mobile engagement platform that does just that. It’s called Rosé Time. The app will be active from noon to 6:00pm Monday through Thursday this week, during which chilled glasses of rosé will be delivered by 10 staffer-servers from Urban Airship and Intergalatic’s teams — for free.

Scott Townsend, Director of Agency Programs at Urban Airship, told AdWeek that they, “Wanted to do more than just show up [at the festival]; we wanted to…inspire the global creative community with what’s possible in mobile.” He added that his goal isn’t necessarily to serve tons of glasses of wine, but rather, to show them a cool experience and see the look on their faces as it happens.

Rosé Time will only be accessible on an Apple Watch for festival attendees in close proximity to the Cannes Lions Beach VIP section will get a beacon-triggered notification making it possible to order a glass of rosé with a single touch.

Between France’s position as the standing lead consumer and producer of rosé, and playing host to the Cannes Lions festival for top innovators, it makes perfect sense that the app is debuting there. But, we wouldn’t be surprised if Rosé Time makes its way to the Hamptons in the near future.

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