Food Maps

Looking for where to eat? Let our handy maps help you. Whether taking our word for it by using our own ForknPlate Approved Map to see all of the places we’ve ever recommend, or by checking out what your fellow readers have submitted as their favorite dishes across the nation in our Reader’s Choice Map (which you should totally submit your own favorite dishes to by clicking here!), you’re bound to find something you like.

In addition to our maps, we have also (painstakingly, mind you) added all of the restaurants and spots to eat mentioned in various Food Network & Travel Channel TV shows as well as some other lists we think you’ll enjoy. You can test your bravery by using the Bizarre Foods map to taste some of the crazy things Andrew Zimmern has endured, try a food challenge in the Man v Food map to see if you can succeed where Adam Richman failed, or even try and eat everything ever mentioned on one of my favorite (albeit now cancelled) Food Network shows, The Best Thing I Ever Ate (essentially a list of all the best foods celebrity chefs have eaten around the US).

Click on one of the maps below to have the culinary adventure begin (and make sure to let us know if you loved or hated any of the things you found)!

Our Food Maps