The Best Thing I Ever Ate Map

If you’ve never seen it, The Best Thing I Ever Ate on Food Network was one of my favorite shows (it’s since been cancelled sadly. It’s not a competition/cost money to travel to the various locations and film the foods/whatever other reasons led to Food Network axing it, I’m sure, but I digress). The show consisted of famous Food Network chefs all weighing in on their favorite places to eat. The episodes would start out with a theme, i.e. Best Thing I Ever Ate “Totally Fried”, and then each celebrity on the show would tell you about their favorite dish to eat and, then, amazingly, where to actually get said delicious thing to eat. Mind. Blown. Am I right?

The only issue with the show I had was that they never gave The Best Thing I Ever Ate locations in any form of map. You always had to scour their site after the episode aired to find an address or phone number or magically remember them all as they were rattled off during the show itself (frantically taking notes screaming at the person next to you, “Did they say Montaditos? How the hell do you spell that?!). Because of this, I decided to make my own map of these locations for my own amusement (and keeping track of how many I could try at one point, a dark point in my life…). Here is that map. Use at your own risk…

Check the map below for all of the locations I managed to enter into the map and see if any are close enough to grab a bite and decide if you agree with it being the best thing you ever ate.

The Best Thing I Ever Ate Map

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