Man v Food Map

Before Man v Food Nation was a show, Adam Richman was the one doing the challenges. From a slice of pizza the size of a small child, to an omelette made of way too many eggs, he travelled the country looking for food challenges in the name of his show Man v Food on the Travel Channel. Years of us watching Adam scarf down foods and fail at these insane challenges as many times as he succeeded eventually caught up with him and he ended the show without giving any reason why (as if we needed one, I’m sure his cardiologist smacked him upside the head after the first season).

If you think you’ll have better luck (and promise not to try them all within too close of a timeframe of one another for your health), I’ve put together a map of all the restaurants he ate at during the show’s run.

Use the map below to find out if any of the Man v Food locations are nearby, then head over and claim a spot on their wall of fame, get that T-shirt, free dinner, or whatever else they give you for defeating their challenge and don’t forget to come back here and post in the comments about your victory. Then eat some Tums, go for a jog, and let us know if you try another. Godspeed.

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