ForknPlate Approved Restaurants Map

Our writers have eaten at a LOT of restaurants. From LA to NYC, from Phuket to Cape Town, we all share a huge passion for dining out. Some times, though, it’s so good, we have to write about it. That’s where our Where to Eat section comes in. If we think a place is amazing enough that we have to tell everyone we know about it, then that’s exactly what we’re going to do (assuming everyone we know reads this site, every day, like they BETTER BE DOING!).

We don’t believe in writing bad reviews, sure it gets controversial hits and is sometimes fun to read, but we feel like it doesn’t really help you, the reader, at the end of the day. We’d much rather tell you about places that we think you’ll enjoy ACTUALLY eating at, instead (we also love hearing where you guys love to eat too and have a map devoted to just that, check it out by clicking here).

The thing is with reviews on places to eat, sometimes you don’t want to scour through our site or even read what we wrote about the restaurant we loved so much (our feelings aren’t hurt …much). With that in mind, we decided to add all of those fabulous restaurants to a handy little map. Think of it as your curated guide to places that won’t disappoint you, all in a handy map form that you can use to find out if said places are actually anywhere near you.

ForknPlate Approved Restaurants Map

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