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How to Make a Cookie Cup (Video)

If you’re a fan of milk and cookies (and really, who isn’t?), then adding a cookie cup into your dessert repertoire is absolutely essential. Cookie cups, as their name implies, […]

Cut a Handful of Grape Tomatoes in 3 Seconds

Here is a trick to cutting those grape tomatoes quickly! You will need to grab two lids and of course, your tomatoes. A cerraded knife works best, but if you […]

Why You Should Spiral Cut Your Hot Dogs (Video)

Here’s how to take your hot dog to the next level. Spiral cutting your tube steaks before grilling allows you to get that delicious charĀ on the entire hot dog and […]

How to Make a Cheese Plate

Say cheese and smile because we’ve simplified putting a cohesive, creative cheese plate together for you! Here are some basic guidelines to follow so you can impress your guests and […]