Why You Should Spiral Cut Your Hot Dogs (Video)

Here’s how to take your hot dog to the next level. Spiral cutting your tube steaks before grilling allows you to get that delicious char on the entire hot dog and not just the outside. Spiral cutting will also create wonderful nooks to cradle your condiments so whatever strange outdoor activity you’re into this summer, your relish won’t go flying. In addition to these two benefits, your hot dog will cook also just cook straight. This means no more curling up or ripping and looking less appetizing, instead it’ll just rest nicely on your bun.

If you’d really like to elevate your hot dog, you can also throw it in a marinade after you’ve spiral cut it and it will actually take on the flavors (did that just blow your mind? It did ours). If we haven’t convinced you yet, this technique will have you looking like a true grill master at your BBQ and if all else fails, might even get you some hot dog action.

This technique inspired us to have our own hot dog themed BBQ and we came up with so many unconventional hot dog toppings. From Sriracha and pineapple to mayonnaise and avocado, the possibilities are endless. Because of this, here’s another great hot dog tip. Grab a muffin tin to hold all of your toppings and give your guests lots of beer and watch them get creative and load up their spiral cut dogs. You’ll be a hit. All you need is a skewer, knife and a hot dog. Here’s how to sprial cut your hot dogs.

I. Spiral Cut a Hot Dog

1. Grab a skewer and insert it into the hot dog. Make sure it goes in straight.

2. Take a knife and cut all the way down to the skewer on an angle while turning your hot dog.

3. Slide your dog off the skewer and throw it on the grill.



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