Lift Your Spirits: Staying healthy and getting drunk

See below for recipe and donation link!

What do we say when COVID-19 disrupts our lives causing global panic and forces us to social distance inside our homes 24/7? Let’s make drinks!

All jokes aside, it is a scary time right now and we’re glad that everyone is doing their part by staying home and social distancing. With the help of Fork + Plate, we’d like to incorporate some normalcy into your life by showing you how to make your favorite bar cocktails at home, with a little bit of our own twist. We hope we can continue to bring joy to your day, creativity to your kitchen and lift your spirit the best we can.  

Take a look at our friend, and fellow drink slinger, Jessica Ariana, showing us how to make a Quararita. It’s a classic margarita with some immune boosting powers!

Jess is also promoting a staff support fund for her NYC service industry colleagues who are all out of work without income at this time. If you’ve ever had a favorite bartender or just had a service industry friend that’s been there for you, check on them. They need your support. If you’d like to donate or even just spread the word during these hard times, please click on the link below.

Link to gofundme page:

Quararita Cocktail

1.5 oz tequila

.5 oz lime juice

1 oz agave simple syrup

1 oz Emergen-C

 (Yes, she said the wrong amounts in the video…whoops!)

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