How to Make a Champagne Cocktail (Video)

Let’s ring in the new year with this awesome drink! Here is how you make a delicious champagne cocktail. Drink it at midnight or even the next day to help that hangover. Using a sugar cube in champagne also creates bubbles, so if you have some leftover almost flat champagne lying around the next day throw a cube in and make this cocktail and it will wake up your sleepy champagne. Get on it. Cheers!

What You Need:

  • Champagne flute
  • Champagne (Prosecco or Cava also acceptable)
  • Sugar cube
  • Bitters – You can get creative if you want to put a twist on this and use a flavored bitters like grapefruit etc.

Make a Champagne Cocktail:

1. Put your sugar cube in your flute

2. Pour in enough bitters and soak the cube

3. Top off with champagne


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