How to Make Chocolate Peppermint Bark (Video)

This is an awesome holiday and winter treat. It makes a great gift and it is quite easy to make. Make some for your Valentine or just make some and binge eat at home alone. We won’t tell. The happy marriage of minty and chocolate flavors will make you feel like a Girl Scout. You can make this dish using a microwave or do it stove top. Get on it. Peppermint bark. Woof!

What You Need

  • 24 ounces of semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 24 ounces of white chocolate
  • a rolling-pin, a hammer or anything you can use to beat the hell out of your candy canes. It’s fun.
  • 4-5 candy canes
  • 9×11 foil lined pan or baking sheet
  • ziploc bag
  • glass bowl for double boiler – optional or microwave safe bowl

Make Peppermint Bark

1. Melt your semi-sweet milk chocolate chips – double boiler or in the microwave. Don’t burn

2. Line your pan with foil

3. Crush your candy canes in a plastic bag using a rolling-pin

4. Once your chocolate is melted, simply pour into your pan and spread evenly.

5. Sprinkle some of your peppermint pieces into the milk chocolate.

6. Refrigerate until set

7. Repeat process with your white chocolate, it melts quicker than your milk chocolate.

8. Pour white chocolate on top of your set milk chocolate.

9. Top with peppermint pieces, you can use larger pieces for the top. It looks nice.

10. Let set in refrigerator.

11. Once all is set, peel from your foil and break apart into large pieces.

Done! Makes a great gift and fun for kids.

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