Rock & Roll is Coming Back to the East Village?

Ok, so maybe not in the way most people that have been living in the East Village are hoping for, but how about an homage?

If you remember Odessa Cafe – and the subsequent empty space that was left by it for the last year and a half – then you already know where this is all going down. Tonight, a rock and roll themed bar called The Black Rose is opening in the space and besides the song-named drinks (think “Hell’s Bells”, “Light My Fire”, etc. Full cocktail list here), there’s a large poster of Jim Morrison and, infinitely more exciting, a large backyard that’s opening next month.

The space definitely looks nice (see below) but only time will tell if it really ends up containing the advertised rock and roll (and who’ll show up to listen to it).

Anyone excited regardless?

Source: Eater
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