David Cogen


Real Kobe Beef and Some Amazing Steaks @ 212 Steakhouse

Chances are if you’ve had Kobe beef in the last couple of years here in NYC, you were tricked. From 2001 to 2006, and again from 2010 to the end […]

70 Pine St View

The Team Behind the Spotted Pig Might Be Opening a 4 Story Restaurant Atop a Skyscraper

In an interview with the Post, Ken Friedman (of the Spotted Pig in the West Village), essentially confirmed that he and partner April Bloomfeld will be opening a 4 story […]


Uber Extends Its Free Lunch Delivery Promotion for Another Week

If you weren’t aware, Uber recently launched UberEats: a lunch delivery service using those now-oh-so-familiar Uber drivers. The service works within the same Uber app, the only difference being that […]

Food Causes and Prevents Cancer

Foods that Both Cause and Prevent Cancer: Why You Shouldn’t Trust Individual Scientific Studies

We are constantly inundated with the latest scientific studies telling us what we should and shouldn’t eat. So much so, I often wonder if sometimes that information blatantly conflicts with itself […]

Organic Brands Chart

See What Huge Company Actually Owns the Organic Brand You Swear By

You might see the “down to earth” packaging, modest branding or that there’s a name in the brand’s title and picture that there’s a cute old lady with that name […]

Puppies Outside a Restaurant

Our Canine Companions Soon to Be Allowed on All NYC Restaurant Patios?

Even if you don’t own a dog, you’ve seen them –laying, legs spread on the sidewalk, leash attached to their owners’ chair leg with them on one side of a […]

Williamsburg Pizza

Williamsburg Pizza Investor Offers a Free Pizza If You Abuse Domino’s New Pizza Tweeting System

If you didn’t know, Domino’s has recently announced that you can order a pizza by tweeting to them with the pizza emoji (Windows Phone users need not apply apparently?). Williamsburg […]

The Black Rose Jim Morrison

Rock & Roll is Coming Back to the East Village?

Ok, so maybe not in the way most people that have been living in the East Village are hoping for, but how about an homage? If you remember Odessa Cafe […]

Masato Shimizu

Sushi Master Masato Shimizu is Leaving 15 East

If you’ve never been to 15 East (a well-acclaimed sushi spot in Union Square), then you might not know why people care that Masato Shimizu is leaving. Masato happens to be […]

NYC To Get New, Cleaner Food Carts

You know those sorta gross food carts all over the city? You know, the ones you only ever eat at very late at might after a questionable number of drinks? […]

Good Food, Cheap Drinks, and Jenga? @ E’s Bar

The Upper West Side houses its share of college bars, wine bars, sports bars, and upscale casual restaurants. It is also home to many folks who grew up drinking in […]

Have Ice Cream in the Cold: 7 Best Affogato Spots in New York

Think it’s too chilly to enjoy your favorite scoop of ice cream? Think again! Affogato, a shot or two of espresso with a scoop of gelato, is a popular treat […]

Carolina Whole Hog BBQ @ Arrogant Swine

As the die hard BBQ eaters continue to wage war on what style BBQ is the best, Tyson Ho, owner/pitmaster at Arrogant Swine, brings us some Carolina style whole hog […]

Sausage and Pepper Sliders w/ Jonathan Kavourakis, Stanton Social

For Jonathan Kavourakis, the Chef de Cuisine at The Stanton Social, food is family. As a first generation Greek American and the son of a baker, Jonathan has always been a hard worker. […]

How to Tell If Your Wine Is Corked

You may have seen these people at your favorite restaurants. You may have judged them, rolled your eyes, called them snobs when you looked over their shoulders and watched as […]

Got Goat? @ Victory Garden

Tucked next to a parking lot on Carmine St., you might easily walk right by this little gem on your way to Grey Dog or Blue Ribbon Bar just around […]

Unlimited Coffee for a Flat Monthly Fee? We’re Listening…

It’s no secret that food and beverage-themed apps are beginning to dominate the unofficial “I don’t carry cash, anymore” section of your smartphone’s conveniently synced-up store. The trend is being […]

The Only Tomato Sauce You’ll Ever Need w/ Chef Andrew D’Ambrosi, Bergen Hill (Video)

Chef Andrew D’Ambrosi’s experiences in the kitchen are as diverse as the cuisine he cooks. After launching his career in the Miami kitchen of Afterglow, a pioneering restaurant in the […]

The 7 Oldest Restaurants in New York City

In New York City, keeping a restaurant in business for over a year is a major accomplishment– most restaurants close before they even have the chance to generate hype, reviews […]

How To Break Down a Whole Chicken (Video)

Butchering a chicken can seem intimidating, especially if you’ve never done it before. Because of this, many people are reluctant to buy a whole bird, but breaking down a chicken […]

How to Peel an Entire Head of Garlic (Video)

Garlic is an extremely versatile seasoning, and just a little bit can make flavors in your dishes pop (as well as ward off Vampires!). Dice a little garlic and add […]

5 Delicious Uses For Pumpkin

How do we know it’s October? The pumpkin craze is in full swing! From your coffee shop’s classic pumpkin spice latte, to pumpkin pie at the grocery store, to dusting […]

7 Best Restaurants in Bushwick

Commonly known as that neighborhood that’s further out than Williamsburg, Bushwick is indeed a few stops further on the L train, but the neighborhood has plenty of unique character! Perhaps […]

The Gluten-Free Guide for Beginners

Gluten-free eating is an intimidating prospect in a culture of eating entrenched in breads, cookies, pastas, cakes, muffins, pretzels, pizza and many other glutenous carbohydrates. Many people, however, choose to […]