Uber Extends Its Free Lunch Delivery Promotion for Another Week

If you weren’t aware, Uber recently launched UberEats: a lunch delivery service using those now-oh-so-familiar Uber drivers.

The service works within the same Uber app, the only difference being that between the hours of 11am and 2pm Mon-Fri there is another selection you can make to the right of UberRUSH that says “Eats”. Tapping that new option allows you to choose from their daily menu to see what’s available for you to order (Sticky Finger’s Joint Chicken Tenders, Bonmi’s Chilled Chicken Noodle Bowl, for an example of today’s menu items).

Uber Eats Menu

Select the item you want, and it’s there within minutes, ready to go –no waiting for the restaurant to make it, it’s already in the car apparently. Kinda cool, if you have that deadline looming at work and just need a quick lunch delivered right outside the office in a jiffy.

Right now the service only serves between 14th street and 59th street in Manhattan, with “plans to expand soon” (as they are clearly testing it out on where all the larger offices are in the city).

Curious how it works exactly? Head to our tech site for details on UberEats.

Eventually, this service will cost a little bit – obviously – but, for now, you can get it for free: they’ve extended their free delivery promotion for another week going from today till the 22nd.

Anyone going to give it a try? And who’s now scared that the next time they get in an Uber, the smell of chicken fingers is either going to make them smell particularly “delicious” for their next meeting, or cause them to change their destination to a place to eat instead of wherever they were originally headed?

Source: UberEats

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