See What Huge Company Actually Owns the Organic Brand You Swear By

You might see the “down to earth” packaging, modest branding or that there’s a name in the brand’s title and picture that there’s a cute old lady with that name who’s making it and think, “Now, there’s a small brand I can get behind.” Well, as it turns out, those little brands – whether they started from humble beginnings or not – might actually be part of a much larger food company (that you might have even swore off at some point).

The Washington Post has created an informative (and interactive, yay!) graphic to show you just who is behind your favorite organic brands. Check it out at the link below to see it for yourself.

Organic Brands Chart

The question is, does any of it change how you feel about the brands? Does a large company behind you automatically mean cutting of corners, changing recipes to get a larger profit, and whatever else we associate with them? Or does it just mean they’re writing the checks and leaving the company as is? What do you think?

Source: LifeHacker

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