Have Ice Cream in the Cold: 7 Best Affogato Spots in New York

Think it’s too chilly to enjoy your favorite scoop of ice cream? Think again! Affogato, a shot or two of espresso with a scoop of gelato, is a popular treat in Italy, hitting New York coffee shops like crazy. You may want to skip the cone while your mittens are on, but an affogato is the way to go in the cold months. Here are 7 spots to try a great affogato in NYC.

Van Leeuwen


Made with Van Leeuwen’s artisinal ice cream and Intelligensia espresso, there’s the perfect balance of sweet and bitter in this bowl of coffee and ice cream greatness.

multiple locations, vanleeuwenicecream.com

L’arte del Gelato


This authentic gelato shop makes three variations on the affogato! Affogato al Caffè is the most traditional, made with vanilla gelato, espresso and whipped cream. For a richer dessert opt for Affogato alla Cioccolata Calda created with hot Italian chocolate topped with mascarpone gelato and whipped cream. For an affogate that’s not actually hot, opt for the Affogato all’Arancia, made with lemon sorbetto, freshly squeezed orange juice and a hint of Campari.

75 9th Ave., lartedelgelato.com



The affogato at this Italian restaurant is truly an indulgent dessert: made with caramel gelato, caramel, and chocolate sauce, there’s an extra sweetness to this treat that makes it more of a sundae than a coffee.

42 W. 43rd St., esca-nyc.com

Five Leaves

via flickr/aisforayla

This Greenpoint restaurant and coffeeshop is always buzzing at brunchtime –perhaps thanks to the affogato! This sweet treat is oh so New York made with il laboratorio vanilla gelato and a shot of Stumptown organic espresso. Order a second shot of espresso on the side if you want an extra caffeine boost!

18 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, fiveleavesny.com

Pok Pok NY

via flickr/alifewortheating

What this Thai restaurant calls “an unabashed riff on the Vietnamese breakfast of coffee and fried donuts” is a truly excellent dessert. Sweet, bitter, warm and cold –it has all the elements! Condensed milk ice cream melts into dark Vietnamese coffee, into which you can dip your freshly fried crullers or enjoy on the side.

117 Columbia St., Brooklyn, pokpokny.com

Big Gay Ice Cream Shop


Every winter, Big Gay Ice Cream brings back their “affogayto”, a sweet creation made with their signature vanilla soft serve and the option of hot chocolate or Roasting Plant espresso– all topped with whipped cream, of course!

125 E. 7th St., biggayicecream.com

It may not be waffle cone season for many more months, but you can still enjoy ice cream this winter with an affogato! Really anywhere that serves ice cream and a warm beverage can create a DIY affogato, so get creative –you don’t have to forfeit your favorite scoops (or swirls) during the chilly months.

Did we miss your favorite affogato spot? Let us know in the comments below!

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