Williamsburg Pizza Investor Offers a Free Pizza If You Abuse Domino’s New Pizza Tweeting System

If you didn’t know, Domino’s has recently announced that you can order a pizza by tweeting to them with the pizza emoji (Windows Phone users need not apply apparently?). Williamsburg Pizza investor, Ashwin Deshmukh, has a better idea, however.

And apparently, he wasn’t kidding.

He’s already sent out 5 pizzas today (and I’m sure a ton more by the time you read this) and says he intends to keep it up for a “limited time”. When DNAInfo asked him about it, he said “It was just a spur of the moment, totally unauthorized. I enjoy sending pizzas to people. No one is unhappy with pizza,” he continued, “It’s just insane to me that anyone would live in New York City and order Domino’s.”

Agreed, Mr. Deshmukh, agreed.

Anyone already whipping out their Twitter apps to see if there’s any left?

Source: Eater

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