NYC To Get New, Cleaner Food Carts

You know those sorta gross food carts all over the city? You know, the ones you only ever eat at very late at might after a questionable number of drinks? Well, thanks to donations and “private funding” (see: rich people who are sick of looking at the gross carts everywhere?), NYC and MOVE systems have partnered to give away new eco-friendly – and just plain nicer carts – to the first 500 food vendors who sign up.

The carts will run on a combination of solar power, alternative fuels (whatever those are) and batteries instead of the traditional gas and include things like a refrigerator and even a sink (now think about how gross it is that most current street carts have neither).

I’m pretty excited about the idea of a cleaner food cart, but according to the manufacturer, the cart also reduces emissions in the equivalent amount of removing 200 cars off the roads so the eco side of this sounds pretty darn promising, too –who wouldn’t mind cleaner air in our congested city?

The new food carts are expected to start rolling out after memorial day.

Now if only we can get the owners to actually use said fridge and sink…

Source: The Verge
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