How to Peel an Entire Head of Garlic (Video)

Garlic is an extremely versatile seasoning, and just a little bit can make flavors in your dishes pop (as well as ward off Vampires!). Dice a little garlic and add it into hot olive oil in a pan to make your meat extra succulent, roast it with vegetables in the oven, add it to a marinade, or use to to make some deliciously addicting garlic bread – no matter how you use it, garlic always makes a delicious and powerful statement. When buying garlic at the grocery store, choose firm, tight, heavy dry bulbs to maximize the flavor of your garlic.

We’ve all wasted time trying to peel garlic. Whether you try to smash the garlic first, or try to peel each individual clove by hand, it’s time consuming, laborious, and leaves your hands sticky, tired, and smelling funny -not to mention there’s always that piece that just won’t peel. Well, fear not! We have the quick and easy solution to your garlic woes: look no further than the video below to never waste time peeling garlic again!

1. Put your garlic in a large bowl, and place another bowl on top of the first, covering it.

2. Shake the bowls together vigorously.

3. When you remove the top bowl, the garlic should be peeled!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our video demonstration of how to peel garlic the quick and easy way. Let us know how you love to use garlic by commenting below, or head to our How To’s Section for more tips and tricks in the kitchen.

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