Guinness Nitro IPA Officially Coming Stateside

Guinness is turning over a new leaf (or, maybe four) as they announce the introduction of Guinness Nitro IPA to the US of A. The Ireland-based brewery is best known for bottling up their Guinness Draught — a nitrogen-infused Irish dry stout, deemed Guinness Draught. But, the brainchild of brewer Luis Ortega is both hoppier and lighter than their traditional offering.

Guinness Nitro IPA was concocted as part of The Brewer’s Project, a fun and experimental side project for the brewers. Now, it’s officially being crafted with Celeia, Topaz, Admiral, Cascade, and Challenger hops, infused with nitrogen. The key to a good Guinness is, in fact, that nitrogen infusion that gives it its thick, frothy head and velvety mouthfeel. According to Esquire, Guinness has a very specific nitrogen to carbon dioxide ratio (75% to 25%) in order to achieve the proper pint.

Mind you, by definition, that perfect pint is achieved only by pouring 6°C draught beer into a 20 oz tulip pint tilted at a 45-degree angle until its climbed three-quarters up the harp logo, then let settle for 86 seconds before being topped off. Finally, after nearly two minutes (119.53 seconds to be precise), voila!

The Guinness Nitro IPA, with a 5.8% ABV, will be available in 11.2oz cans. The Diageo-owned company is hoping their second out-of-character introduction — remember last year’s made-in-America Guinness Blonde Lager — will appeal to all palates across the nation.

But really, only time (and tastebuds) will tell.

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