Breaking Bad Heisenberg Blue Ice Vodka is Here!

Sony Pictures and 21st Century Spirits have teamed up to release a limited-edition Breaking Bad themed Blue Ice Vodka. Titled Heisenberg, the bottle, which is blue in color and has a Walter White silhouette to boot, is certainly reminiscent of the Blue Sky meth that Mr. White cooks up on the show. And besides being a fun callback to one of TV’s most popular series, Blue Ice Vodka is also really good! It won the gold medal at the 2014 San Francisco Spirits Competition and is made from 100% Idaho russet potatoes (surprisingly, less then 3% of today’s vodka is actually made from potatoes).

The bottles feature three different designs with catchphrases from the show —Say My Name, Tread Lightly, and of course The One Who Knocks. Each retails at $27, or grab the gift set of all three for $81. Unfortunately, Heisenberg is only available in California stores right now, but it is due to hit shelves across the country later this summer. However, you can order it online right now via (enter the promo code BREAKINGBAD to receive free shipping on the three-bottle gift set).

Creator of Breaking Bad, Vince Gilligan, had this to say about the new drink:

“The Dude had his White Russians, the Blues Brothers had their Night Train…and now Heisenberg has his very own Blue Ice Vodka! I’m counting on our fans to use it in the creation of a great many delicious cocktails. I’m getting thirsty just thinking about it.”

So, on orders of Vince Gilligan, let’s come up with a drinking game –shots all around every time Jesse calls someone a bitch.

Source: Firstwefeast
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