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How To Make Clarified Butter

What is Clarified Butter? Clarified butter, also known as drawn butter, is butter from which the milk solids have been removed. Milk solids are the white bits that rise to […]

Video: How to Make Pimento Cheese (& 3 Amazing Uses) by Chef Janine Booth of Root & Bone

When we think of Australia, out minds tend to wander to waves, kangaroos, koalas and the outback.  But when it comes to chefs, Curtis Stone may want to step aside. Janine […]

How To Make Greek Yogurt

If you’re not hip to Greek yogurt, you’ve probably been living under a rock or avoiding the dairy aisle at the grocery store altogether. Greek yogurt is hot right now, […]

How To Make a Compound Butter

You may be wondering what a compound butter is. It’s basically a fancy name for a butter that other ingredients have been added to it. For example, a garlic compound […]

Video: How to Make Clarified Butter

Eating lobster? Maybe just want some extra butter flavoring in your next high-heat dish? Clarified butter is a great answer. Making clarified butter is super easy and will even make […]