Cook Times for Blanching Various Vegetables

This will help you know about how long to blanch your vegetables. It’s a quick cheat sheet. Root vegetables take much longer than green vegetables. See below.

Broccoli: 3-7 minutes

Asparagus: 2 minutes (pencil) 5 minutes (large)

Brussels Sprouts: 5-7 minutes

Carrots: 15-20 minutes (whole) 5-15 minutes (cut)

Cauliflower: 10-12 minutes (whole) 7-10 minutes (cut)

Leeks: 10-15 minutes

Corn: 3-5 minutes

Potatoes: 20-40 minutes (whole) 10+ minutes (cut)

Snow Peas: 1/2 minute to 1 minute

Spinach: 1 minute

Swiss Chard Leaves: 1-2 minutes

Swiss Chard Ribs: 10-12 minutes

Peppers: 2-3 minutes

Turnips whole: 10-15 minutes

Turnips quartered: 5-10 minutes

Haricots Verts: 3-5 minutes



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