Lindy’s Deli and Restaurant Has Been Open Since 1921 and Should Have Closed in 1922

There are two locations for Lindy’s one on 32nd street and one at 53rd street. I’d skip them both. This place has an old New York diner feel minus the good food. I paid $18 for a three egg breakfast and asked if I could only have a one egg breakfast and I was told it was the same price. Three eggs it was. You don’t get a choice on the toast or the hash browns. You get white, stale bread and some less than mediocre hash browns. Thank god for ketchup.  I think they stay in business because there are not many other options for the tourists around there and if you want breakfast all day there are zero options around there. They did have decent coffee, but even that was like six bucks. If you are a tourist and don’t know any better you will surely pay New York prices here for not good New York food. If you are a New Yorker, you can disregard this entire post because hopefully you know better.


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