How to Cook Kale

This cancer fighting superfood is actually really delicious and super easy to make. Besides being one of the healthiest vegetables on the planet it tastes delicious. ┬áIt’s a perfect leafy green side dish and if you cook it right you may even be able to get the kids to eat it. Not promising anything, but it’s worth a try. You can prepare kale various ways, but we’ve found that a quick saute’ is our favorite.

Kale Shopping

1. Look for dark leaves

2. Avoid wilted or brown leaves (duh)

Preparing Kale

1. Rinse kale in a large bowl of water or under running water. Make sure to get between all the leaves.

2. Discard of any discolored leaves or any that don’t look green and tender.

3. Dry your kale and make a “V” cut shape into the leaves removing the hard middle stem.

4. Roll the leaves and cut into small strips about half an inch.

5. Add some olive oil to a heated skillet once oil is hot throw in your sliced kale.

6. Add some salt, pepper, thinly sliced garlic and a squeeze of half a lemon and cook for about 2-3 minutes.

Kale yeahhhh! Enjoy!



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  1. Info says:

    Thats a great video, makes your mouth water and it’s kale we are talking about here! I love the stuff and particulary in relation to kale chips. Have you tried them? quickly fried with some sea salt and crispy bacon pieces, lovely!

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