How to Dice an Onion

Here’s a quick easy way to dice an onion and the only real way to not cry about it is to simply just practice and get faster. This technique is one of the first techniques you learn in culinary school and it will give you a neat uniform dice in a few quick steps. Grab a box of tissues, a sharp knife and lets power through some onions.

1. Cut off the end opposite the root

2. Cut the onion in half through the root

3. Using a pairing knife peel off the skin from the two halves

4. Take a chefs knife and make two to three (depending on the size of the dice you desire) cuts horizontally toward the root of the onion

5. Hold your onion securely and watch your fingers and make some vertical cuts into your onion (being careful not to cut through the root)

6.Cut the onion perpendicular to the last cut to create a dice



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