How to Peel a Tomato (Concasse’)

Tomato seeds can be bitter and the skins don’t really soften when cooking so if you want to use fresh tomatoes in your recipes tomato concasse’ will help elevate your dish! Here is a simple way to peel and seed your tomatoes.

1. Prepare a pot of salted boiling water

2. Wash your tomatoes

3. Remove the core of your tomato

4. Score the skin by making an X

5. Prepare an ice bath

6. Gently drop your tomatoes into the boiling water and let boil 1-2 minutes

7. Immediatley put your tomatoes into the ice bath

8. Using a pairing knife gently remove the skin starting at the corner of the X

9. Quarter your tomatoes and you can remove the seeds

10. Cut the tomatoes into a dice or however you choose to prepare


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