How To Cut a Bell Pepper

So you may look at a bell pepper and think to yourself, “How do I cut this thing without creating a mess of it?” Well, today, we’ll show you the easiest way of cutting a bell pepper, removing the seeds, and getting your classic pepper pieces when done.

1. Cut off the top and bottom and set aside.

2. Remove the stem from the top of the pepper and discard it.

3. Cut down one side of the pepper (do NOT cut the pepper in half, we’re just cutting one side of it).

4. Now, turn the pepper on it’s side and cut along the outside to remove any seeds and white parts of the pepper.

5. Use a paring knife to remove any extra white parts you might have missed.

6. Cut the pepper into more manageable sections.

7. Slice the pepper how you please, you can then also dice it by turning the slices sideways and cutting them.

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