How To Truss (or Tie) a Chicken

Ok guys, you need to truss or tie a chicken for roasting? This technique helps the chicken cook evenly throughout and none of your outer pieces will get dry. It’s simple to do and some cooks believe its worth the extra step. Give it a tie! Here are the steps.

1. Start with the chicken breast side up and drumsticks pointing toward you.

2. Tuck the wings underneath the chicken so that they stay close to the body.

3. Take a long piece of butchers twine and put it under the drumsticks.

4. Pull the drumsticks up and make an X with the strings and bring them back down under the drumsticks.

5. Pull the twine forward across the meat of the drumsticks and all the way forward

6. Flip the chicken over and bring the twine across toward the neckbone.

7. Tie a secure bow around the neckbone of the chicken.


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