How to Roast a Bell Pepper

Roasted peppers can add sweetness to any dish. You can roast them on the stovetop (if you have a gas stove) or throw them on a sheet pan and broil them if you don’t. This technique can be used with almost any type of pepper. Be careful when handling the hot peppers, don’t pick your nose after.

1. Turn your gas stove burner on high.

2. Using heat-resistive tongs, set the pepper down directly on the stovetop.

3. Rotate the pepper a quarter turn after each side has blackened.

4. When all four sides are blackened, remove the pepper from the stove and immediately place into a large bowl with plastic wrap over the top (or a brown paper bag closed tightly will work as well).

5. Once the pepper has steamed and cooled, remove from bowl/bag.

6. Using a damp paper towel, wipe off the charred skin.

7. Slice into desired pieces.

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