How to Separate an Egg Using a Water Bottle

Whether you’re baking, making an omelette or whipping up a meringue at some point in your cooking ventures you will have to separate the yolks from the whites. Here is an eggcellent way to get this done. All joking aside, this technique while unconventional ┬áit’s pretty fool proof and works every time. All you need is an empty plastic water bottle, a couple bowls, some raw eggs and a sense of adventure.

1. Grab your eggs, and empty water bottle and two bowls for separating

2. Crack your egg into one bowl

3. Gently squeeze the empty water bottle and put the opening on the yolk (don’t squeeze too much you’ll break your yolk)

4. Slowly release the bottle so it suctions the yolk out

5. Squeeze the bottle again to place the separated yolk in the other bowl



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