Lotsa Lobstaaas. BIG Lobsters Coming to New York City.

Ready for this?!  Soon New York will be allowed to sell over-sized lobsters legally caught in other states and countries, repealing the old law. What does this mean? Will they now need a Metro Card to get onto our plates? Nah, but we will need larger plates for these suckers. This law will take place August 30th, and it will repeal a ban on selling these bugs larger than 5 1/4 inches, but only if they have been caught outside the state of New York. If the lobsters are caught in New York, they will still have to be within the parameters of 3 3/8 – 5 1/4 inches. Governor Cuomo signed the bill this week as a compromise to help New York’s seafood and restaurant businesses, while still allowing for coastal water restorations.

For more information, head here.

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