“Maine Squeeze” LOBSTER BAKE @ Hotel Chantelle Rooftop

Ok, here is something fun for all you lobster lovers in New York. Every Sunday from 6pm-10pm on the Lower East Side at Chantelle Rooftop, you can buy tickets and enjoy a Maine-style lobster bake right here in New York City! This event is $29.92 a person and includes one whole Maine lobster, steamed little neck clams, baked red russet potatoes and farm fresh corn on the cob. There are also $25 buckets of Red Stripe and live reggae music on the rooftop. If you think it’s too much work to eat one of these little bottom dwellers whole, we have just the video to help you break into these and eat them without turning off your date. Just click on the link below for an easy way to eat a whole lobster.

How to Eat a Lobster

For tickets and information, head here.

rooftop lobster



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