How to Prepare a Korean Feast @ The Brooklyn Brewery

Who doesn’t love Korean food?! Well, here is a cool inexpensive event being held at the Brooklyn Brewery we thought looked like a good time.  It is on Wednesday, August 21st at 8pm and is brought to you by the brewery and Edible Brooklyn. There will be lectures, a Q&A section and, of course, samples! We love samples. Learning how to make a Korean feast, while drinking beer will be taught by some serious Korean food experts. We Rub You, which is this awesome little Korean marinade company started by two Korean girls. They named it “We Rub You” because with a Korean accent they thought it sounded like “We Love You”. We thought that was cute. Matt Rodbard (Korean Restaurant Guide–NY) will also be at this event, so he can clue you in about some of the best Korean food in the city, and finally Kimchi Grill & Kimchi Taco, which is an amazing food truck and grill in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. All of this fun and Korean food is only $5. Whether you know anything about Korean cuisine or not this event will give you information on how to make your very own Korean feast. They will even show you tips on how to make kimchi and shop for Korean ingredients in NYC. Check it out!

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