Bacon Wrapped Wieners? @ Crif Dogs

Want a late night bacon wrapped hot dog? With two convenient locations, one in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and one in the East Village in Manhattan you have to give this wiener a try. The locations are tiny with only a few seating options. They have old school video games like Ms.┬áPac Man and Double Dragon! (Who doesn’t remember and love Double Dragon?!) This place is always buzzing, early or late you can get a stand-up wiener. Ha. It’s a sure thing. You will love the old school hipster, diner feel and the smell of greasy bacon and artery clogging goodness when you walk in.

Some of the local favorites are the spicy redneck, which is a bacon wrapped dog with chili, coleslaw and jalapenos. It’s so good you will want to take your shoes off, drink a canned PBR and kiss your sister (they do offer canned PBR’s by the way). The bun is awesome and warm and the bacon is so tightly wrapped around that dog, it’s barking. Speaking of barking, they have a hot dog called the Chihuahua, which is a bacon wrapped dog with avocados and sour cream. Sound weird? It’s not. “Woof” one down. Not that you need anything else with these creative, crazy hot dogs, but they do offer tater tots that will bring you back to elementary school (except way better cooked to a crispy and fried, golden perfection). You have to get the fake processed “cheese whiz” on top of these, it’s so gross, it’s awesome. The portion size is enormous and you won’t be able to stop eating these so they should come with a warning label. After you’ve wolfed them all down you will lick your fingers and utterly hate yourself for consuming that amount of food. Go home and pass out.

Both locations of Crif Dogs are open till the wee hours of the night. Every day till 2am and on weekends till 4am. Most of these bacon wrapped barkers are reasonably priced under 5 bucks, so grab one or two and get your grub on.

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