Stuffed Bagel Balls Are Coming to the West Village!

Stuffed bagels? Yep, you heard us correctly. “Stuffing” things have always been the trend, but Bantam Bagels, opening at the end of the month on Bleeker Street, is about to “stuff” something new. A bagel. They are launching “fresh, filled artisanal bagel balls.” Some of these stuffed bagel balls will include fillings such as peanut butter, plain cream cheese and pizza. More stuffed flavor combinations will include a cinnamon raisin bagel ball stuffed with a sweet walnut cream cheese. The french toast is a maple syrup cream cheese filling inside of a cinnamon, nutmeg egg bagel ball. What the heck?! If those flavors aren’t enough to get you excited they also have one called the Weekend Brunch, which is an everything bagel stuffed with lox, cream cheese and red onion. ┬áThis place is already creating quite the buzz so you may want to get in line now.

Bantam Bagels


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