Let Me See You Lobster Roll! New York’s Most Talked About Lobster Rolls

Here comes the Maine event. Lobster rolls have always been a hit, but we are finding more and more places doing their own spin on these little crustacean sandwiches. We’ve put together a list of some of the most popular and some of the most creative rolls, so you can “roll”  around New York and try all of them. We dare you! Lotsaaaaa lobstaaaa!

In random order:

1. The Sea Fire Grill

This one is cool because they are actually doing a flight of lobster rolls. One is with mayonnaise and tail meat, one with drawn butter, honoring the Nantucket style roll, and the last one is a tempura lobster claw roll with wasabi cream friache and an asian inspired slaw. Who woulda thunk?

lobster roll

Sea Fire Grill

2. Ed’s Lobster Bar

They have been getting recognition in New York for years as one of the top rolls in the city. These lobsters are all Maine lobsters, and for this roll they use the entire lobster, which is tail, claws and knuckles. Some of the best flavor is in the knuckles. This is a straightforward roll and has celery, mayo and some fresh lemon. I mean, if you are getting your lobsters right out of Maine waters you don’t need much to make these suckers taste sweet and amazing.


Ed’s Lobster Bar

3. Fairway Cafe’ in Red Hook Brooklyn

This one made the list because it is delicious and only 11 bucks. They use some mayo and cracked black peppercorns all nestled between a soft, but crisp bun. If you’re in Brooklyn go for it. Not to mention, Fairway is a cool food shopping experience if you are out there anyways.



4. Brooklyn Fish Camp  and Mary’s Fish Camp

With one place in Brooklyn and one in the West Village, you have to make your way to one of these two places. They use the entire lobster and some mayo, diced celery and fresh lemon. The whole thing is on a Pepperidge Farm hot dog bun. That’s what’s up. They serve this little lobster love with crispy shoestring fries on the side. You don’t need them  because this roll can easily stand alone, but fries never hurt. Go get one.


Mary’s Fish Camp

5. Luke’s Lobster

These guys are Maine transplants and you will actually feel like you are stepping into a Maine restaurant. You can almost smell the sea. They have three locations and their lobster rolls are with mayo, salt, pepper, thyme and oregano.


Luke’s Lobster

6. Lure Fishbar

This is a more traditional Maine lobster roll, but they use a little dollop of Dijon mustard, which we thought added a little tang. The bun is a perfectly toasted brioche hot dog bun. They pile the lobster meat up high and add some chives, mayo and lemon. Get one of these.



Lure Fishbar 


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