Cronut Holes + Shake Shack Concretes

Get excited for this line. Shake Shack is offering Cronut Hole Concretes for one day, and one day only. Even though it’s technically a sundae it’s not offered till Tuesday, September 15th (ok, not funny). Anyways, they are making this thing out of cinnamon-sugar Cronut holes mixed into butter caramel custard. Really? Yeah, this is nuts, or Cronuts. Whatever, you get the point. This amazing concoction will only be offered at the Madison Park Shake Shack location and you’d better get there early because we are anticipating a LONG ASS LINE. This may be the ultimate life changing sundae and we think if you have nothing better to do on Tuesday you should brave the line. While you’re there you might as well grab a burger and some fries too. Then go do some cardio.

Shake Shack

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