Run for Pizza! NYC Pizza Run in Tompkins Square Park!

Do you like pizza? Do you like to run? Here is an event you have to attend. Saturday, September 21st in Tompkins Square Park at 11am, runners and even non-runners will line up to do “the pizza run”. This is a 2.25 mile run, with three pizza checkpoints. Rules are simple. You have to stop at each checkpoint and scarf down a slice of pizza before you can continue the journey to the next spot. Registration is $50, but includes a Pizza Run T-shirt, 3 slices of pizza, a drink after the race at a local bar, and a pizza gift bag. Also, more importantly, a portion of your entry fee will go to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International. Bring an appetite and some running shoes and get to the Pizza Run!

Pizza not your thing? How about cupcakes then? Don’t miss the cupcake run October 19th in Astoria Park!

Tickets and Information

Cupcake Run

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