Edible Brooklyn is Bringing us a “Smokin'” Event!

Edible Brooklyn is bringing us an event you don’t want to miss, it’s called “The Big Smoke” and will be held at Brooklyn Brewery on Wednesday, October 2nd from 6 to 9pm. You will be able to stuff your face with some amazing smoked meats prepared by owner Theo Peck of Peck’s along with chef and owner Nick Suarez of Backyard Cooking Company. Wh0 doesn’t love smoked meats?! If that’s not enough to get you salivating, you can wash down all of this smokey goodness with cans of Brooklyn Brewery beer. Canned Beer + smoked meats = best idea ever.

Some of the awesome menu items include starters such as carrots wrapped in bacon with a spicy dipping sauce and bread and butter with smoked sea salt. The smoked meat line up includes: knackwurst, tongue, pork belly and salmon. Yeah, they are going to smoke all of these and they come with  glazed beets, mustard and sauces atop choucroute platters. What exactly is choucroute you ask? It’s basically a fancy word for dressed sauerkraut. This delicious event is one you don’t want to miss, plus the tickets are only $45 bucks so your entertainment budget for the week won’t go up in “smoke” (we think we’re funny). Get out to the Brooklyn Brewery and enjoy some awesome smokey eats.


Edible Brooklyn

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