How to Cook Quinoa (Video)

This heart healthy seed that many people consider a whole grain is trending to be the super food of 2013.  Not only is it awesome for you, but it tastes great and is so easy to prepare. Most people can’t pronounce quinoa, much less cook it. So, here’s how you say it, keen-wah and watch this video for a simple way to cook it. We got you.

What You Need:

1. 1 cup of quinoa per 2 cups of water, stock or broth (you can use whatever you want to flavor it)

2. Wash your quinoa before cooking

3. Combine quinoa and liquid in a sauce pot

4. Bring to a boil and cover and let simmer 15 minutes

5. Use a fork and fluff

6. Season and add fresh veggies and herbs



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  1. rammorehead says:

    Great video, I enjoyed and learned!

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