Someone Finally Told Starbucks to “Buck” Up and Get New Pastries

Let’s face it. Most people don’t go to Starbucks for the pastries and sandwiches, they go for the coffee (and some hate even that). Starbucks is now hoping to change that outlook. They’ve teamed up with a San Franscisco ┬ábased bakery called La Boulange. La Boulange has been making artisanal┬ápastries since 1996, and the chef/owner Pascal Rigo, a fancy French baker, is the man behind the magic. This is the largest food investment in history, Starbucks has banked $100 million on the new pastries hoping to bring their number of 1.5 million people a year that enter Starbucks and leave without ordering food down. That’s a lot of dough for some dough, no?

The new menu will have everything from blueberry scones, apple cakes, cookies and, of course, croissants. Down the road they are hoping to have sandwiches and other food items so they can expand and compete with places like Au Bon Pain and Panera Bread. All of these pastries will be warmed up when you order and you can have your hot pastry alongside your hot cup of coffee. We’ve tried them and they are definitely a step in the right direction. We don’t know if they will change Starbucks into a place where you go for the food and not just the coffee, but we are applauding and embracing the awesome effort (and recognition on Starbucks’ part of how bad their current pastries were). Get over to Starbucks and try one of the new La Boulange pastries. Let us know what you think.



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