Sriracha Chili Sauce in a Saucy Situation

If you haven’t already jumped on this chili sauce bandwagon, you’ve lived a mild life. David Tran, the founder of Sriracha, is kind of an amazing guy. Let’s be real. He is 68 years old and has perfected this sauce for more than 3o years after he fled Vietnam with his family. He started selling this chili sauce, in barrels, on the street in California and now produces over 60 million dollars a year. That’s a ton of spicy red jalapeno and a ton of inspiration.

So why is the town of Irwindale, California so hot and bothered?! Well, apparently the permeating smell of the chilies is quite a nuisance for the locals. Some have reported that their eyes burn due to the pungent smell and it has even made them short of breath. The city wants to shut down the factory, until a permanent solution is found to eliminate the odor.  So, should we be stocking up on this awesome chili sauce before we can’t afford it anymore? Or will the brilliant David Tran, come up with a master plan? Oooh that was a “hot” rhyme. Sorta.

Either way, with burning eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and throat (you get the point) we are going to enjoy this awesome chili sauce. Hope it’s here to stay.


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