How to Wash Leeks (Video)

Ok, so what is a leek? Welp, it’s an awesome sweet onion that is great for cooking and adding awesome flavor to your dishes. They can be a little tricky to clean because they tend to hold some serious dirt. We’ve broken it down for you and show you two ways to clean these awesome scallion cousins.

I. How to Wash if you are Sauteing

1. Cut off the root end of your leek.

2. Cut off the tough top greens.

3. Slice your leek down the middle, lengthwise.

4. Cut into desired sized pieces.

5. Submerge in cold water and swish around.

6. Remove from water and dry before cooking.

II. How to Wash if you Want to Keep Them Whole

1. Cut off the root end.

2. Cut off the top greens.

3. Slice in half lengthwise.

4. Submerge under cold running water and get in between all layers to remove all dirt.



2 responses to “How to Wash Leeks (Video)”

  1. Jacque Lynn says:

    I f you throw away the green stems you are missing out! The bottom part is a delicious onion to put into any dish..but the long green stem is excellent when you make short straws out of them and put them in some water with hot sauce in it, then remove them and shake them up with some seasoned flower and fry in oil…when they have browned place them on a paper towel to absorb a lot of the oil…so delicious on top of a salad or soup or just to crunch on. A family favorite at my house…I got he recipe from a restaurant at one of the wineries in Temecula.

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