Breading Basics (Video)

So, you want to make an awesome chicken cutlet sandwich. Here is the standard breading procedure that will help you bread almost anything you want to pan fry in the kitchen. You can use this technique with chicken, fish, pork or even vegetables like eggplant. It’s super simple and you can add your own ingredients to your breadcrumbs to add a little flavor and zest! There are only a couple guidelines to follow and you will be on your way to making awesome things in the kitchen!

¬†Things You’ll Need:

1. Three bowls

2. A protein (chicken, pork, fish etc)

3. All-purpose flour in one bowl

4. Breadcrumbs in one bowl (Panko, Italian, etc)

5. Scrambled eggs in one bowl

Breading Procedure:

1. Take your protein and dip into your flour and shake off excess.

2. Using your other hand dip your protein into your egg mixture.

3. Then dip your protein into your breadcrumb mixture.

You can flavor your breadcrumbs with anything you want! Fresh herbs, and cheese works great!




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