How to Steam Broccoli (Video)

Soggy broccoli is pretty darn gross. It’s no wonder people don’t like the little green trees. If you have them properly steamed, where they have a slight crunch to them, it’s a whole different vegetable. Here, we show you how to quickly and easily steam them as part of our Culinary School section. Here’s how to steam broccoli to that perfect doneness.

What You Need

  • Broccoli
  • Steam tray
  • Pot
  • Water

How to Steam Broccoli

1. Cut and clean your broccoli.

2. Put an inch of water in a pot and bring to a boil.

3. Put in the steam tray and the broccoli on top of it (make sure there is no water coming over the top of the steamer, we don’t want to boil the broccoli).

4. Turn down the heat to medium.

5. Cover the pot and let steam for 5- 10 minutes (depending on how much), checking after the 5 minutes for doneness. The broccoli should be cooked through but still have a crunch to it.

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