What is the Creaming Method? (Video)

This method is one you need to master in baking. It is used for cookies, cakes and so many baked goods. This is an essential method that once mastered you can follow just about any baking recipe by only looking at the ingredients. To properly do the creaming method you need a stand mixer with the paddle attachment. You need fat and sugar and a little patience. Doing this properly will give you successful baked goods every time.

What You Need

  • Sugar
  • Fat (butter, shortening or some other type of fat)

How to Do the Creaming Method

1. Make sure your fat is room temperature (especially if using butter)

2. Add your butter and sugar to your stand mixer.

3. On medium speed cream together your butter and sugar, scraping down the sides of the bowl as you go.

4. The sugar crystals are cutting holes into your fat and creating air pockets.

5. The color and texture will drastically change over the few minutes you let it cream for.

6. It should get light, fluffy and the sugar should be almost dissolved and be the texture of a wet sand.

After this step is properly done you can go onto adding your eggs one at a time and then your dry ingredients.

Tip: This step is so important because it can determine the density of your final baked product. It’s great to master it!

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