How to Remove Corn from the Cob

Corn season is upon us and removing the kernels can be a quite messy and tricky thing to do. There are so many methods to doing this correctly, but if you have a bundt cake pan in your kitchen, here’s the easiest way to remove the corn from the cob (we’ve also seen some great techniques using two bowls too though if you don’t have the bundt cake pan, but the concept is similar).

Using the bundt pan it gives you a sturdy base to put the corn cob in while you scrape the kernels off. And, as a bonus, the pan catches all of your kernels. Once you’ve scraped off your corn you can eat it raw in salads, saute’ it or even make some awesome creamed corn out of if. Whatever you are using it for this technique will help take the headache out of taking off your corn kernels.

You can use this technique easily if you are just using the raw corn, but if you are grilling, it’s best to grill the corn first and then cut the kernels off the cob (grilling kernels of corn would be downright difficult otherwise). This will give you that awesome charred, smokey flavor everyone craves in the summertime. Also, if you have kids with loose teeth (or grandparents with no teeth) this is a great technique to use to get them to be able to enjoy sweet summer corn with you at your next dinner without too much hassle on your end.

Another suggestion if you plan on eating the corn solo is to come up with a creative butter to slather on. How about a Thai chili and honey butter? Or, perhaps, a garlic and herb butter? However you are treating your kernels, this technique will have you spending less time on fighting the corn, more time making it taste better, and make your life a little easier and less corny. Or more corny. Whatever.

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