How to Cut a Watermelon (Video)

This summer picnic fruit is not only good for you, but really refreshing and inexpensive. We have a few tips for you when you are out shopping for a watermelon so that you get a nice ripe, juicy one to enjoy. We’ve found that the best place to grab a melon is at your local farmer’s market because those melons are usually picked when they are ripe. If you don’t have that option, your local grocery store will do just fine, but you may have to do a little more leg work when choosing your melon because sometimes those melons are picked before they are ripe so that they can ripen during transport. Here are some tips on picking a ripe melon.

Some people knock or tap on the melons to see if they are ripe and apparently they are listening for a hollow sound to tell if it’s ready to go. We tried this and they all kind of sounded the same to us, so here is a better way to try. Grab a couple different melons and lift them up, you want to go for a heavier melon for its size, because that means it has more water in it and when that happens is when they are at it’s ripest. You also want to make sure you don’t have any bruises, scratches, or dents on your melon (who the heck wants a beat up melon?). Another useful tip when shopping for a ripe melon, is to look for a light colored or pale yellow patch on the melon. This usually means its ripe because that is the spot it has been sitting on while on the vine and it’s apparently been sitting for a while. Grab that one. If the stripes go all the way around the melon it’s possible that he might have been picked a little earlier and so the chances of him not being ready yet are higher.

When cutting watermelon there are so many different ways to go about it, but we like to take the rind off of it so we can pickle it later. Here we show you how to  cut your melon into bite-sized pieces and how to get the most yield out of that sucker. Go get yourself this awesome summer fruit and enjoy!

1. Cut off the top and bottom of the watermelon.

2. Stand the watermelon up on on of the now flat sides.

3. Cut the rind off the rest of the watermelon by cutting from the top down and curving with the watermelon.

4. Rotate the watermelon and continue cutting until it’s all removed (also make sure to remove any other white parts as well and clean it up).

5. Cut the watermelon down the middle (lengthwise) to create two more manageable halves.

6. Take one half and lay it on its side.

7. Cut the watermelon into equal chunks (whatever size you want).

8. Rotate 90 degrees and cut it again in equal parts (whatever size you want).

9. Put in a bowl and serve!

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