How to Split a Vanilla Bean (Video)

Using fresh vanilla bean in your dishes makes such a difference. That sweet, distinct vanilla flavor is one of the most expensive spices in the world and with good reason. The pods are harvested green and fresh and then undergo a lengthy process to dry them out, this process prevents the beans from rotting and also locks in that amazing vanilla flavor, hence the large price tag. These pricey little pods are totally worth the splurge as long as you know how to utilize the entire thing. You have to know how to split them, scrape them and then what to do with the left over pod.

Grab a pairing knife and split the pod in half lengthwise and then using the back of your knife carefully scrape out the inside of the bean. The inside of the pod packs such a vanilla flavor punch and you can easily throw the insides into any of your favorite baked goods. The inside of the vanilla bean is quite important, but don’t throw out the actual pod, these also have a ton of uses. You can dry out the vanilla pod and then throw it into a spice grinder and use it to flavor just about anything (it especially works well in your baked goods).

You can even use the pod whole and throw it into your favorite bottle of vodka and let it infuse or even throw the pod into some sugar to make a little vanilla sugar for your next cup of coffee. When you splurge and buy real vanilla beans you want to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck. Watch our video hopefully we can inspire you to want to go out and buy some vanilla beans. Send us some cookies or something. You’re welcome.

1. Take a pairing knife and split the vanilla bean in half down the center lengthwise.

2. Scrape out the “seeds” from the inside and use that in whatever next recipe requires some amazing vanilla flavor.

3. You can also use the vanilla bean pods to sit in a liquid or even sugar to add flavoring to that item as well, remove them when done (before serving) and then reuse them a couple of times.

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