Atera’s New Chef, Ronny Emborg

Those of you looking for an opulent and singular dining experience this weekend would do well to check out Atera. The tiny, ultra-posh tasting room has recently reopened with a brand new menu courtesy of it’s new chef Ronny Emborg. Under the guidance of it’s previous chef, Matthew Lightner, Atera received two Michelin stars and quickly earned a reputation among foodies as one of New York Cities most sought-after tasting room experiences. However, new boss Emborg is certainly nothing to sniff at, having previously worked for the Michelin-starred Marchal, one of Copenhagen’s most lauded restaurants.

And though Emborg has previously worked with Lightner at Mugaritz (widely┬áconsidered one of the world’s best eateries), he insists his menu will be quite different from Atera’s previous era. Though his dishes are of the highest caliber, he also focuses on finding the best ingredients and making sure the natural flavors of his food take center stage.

A meal at Atera is sure to be an exceptional experience; and best of all, the room is set up with a completely open kitchen, meaning you get to watch Emborg create his singular dishes first hand before enjoying them.┬áTastings consists of 18 courses for $235 and contains such items as the breathtakingly beautiful “Scallop| Apple, Horseradish” in the picture below. There are also options for wine and tea pairings.

Atera Scallop Dish

77 Worth St.

Source: Grubstreet

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